Ballot Initiatives

Understanding Voters to Win Your Ballot Initiative Campaign


When taking an issue directly to the community through a ballot initiative or referendum, it is critical to understand the voters and the political environment in which you are operating. Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. can help your campaign team understand:


  • The voters opinion of your organization;
  • The political environment;
  • The messages that will resonate with voters;
  • The hurdles to your campaign's success;
  • The most effective arguments to gain support;
  • The best strategy for winning.


With the amount of issues and candidates on the ballot each year and the cost of campaigns rising, it is important that you maximize your resources, which is why Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. will work to understand your needs and campaign goals.


Fallon Research knows that asking every question about your issue won't help you win but asking the right questions will. That is why Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. will work with you to develop the right research strategy for your organization. Our team will help you to determine the right questions and methods to gather the information you need to win.

Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon is a public opinion researcher, political pollster and advisor for corporations, levy committees, interest groups, political candidates and public organizations. He also conducts customer, member, contributor and citizen satisfaction studies for government agencies, industry and labor groups...

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