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Fallon Research & Communications, Inc.
Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon is a public opinion researcher, political pollster and advisor for corporations, levy committees, interest groups, political candidates and public organizations. He also conducts customer, member, contributor and citizen satisfaction studies for government agencies, industry and labor groups...

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Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. is a full-service public opinion research and polling firm that serves a variety of clients, from major political, corporate and public affairs campaigns to local governments and community initiatives.

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Fallon Research is committed to providing its clients with accurate data, strategic advice and thoughtful insight. Fallon Research works with clients to help them understand what the data means and how to use it to achieve their goals.

The Right Information

With precise data and meaningful advice, Fallon Research gives you the information you need to make critical decisions. Fallon Research will help you understand your audience, what they need and how to meet your audiences' needs so you can achieve your goals.